To align with the three underpinnings of the project, i.e. culturally responsive environment, meaningful and pleasurable learning, and effective teaching, schools will be supported in the following aspects:

  • differentiated story-based learning and teaching resources to cater for learning diversity;
  • pedagogy for NCS children to enhance children’s language proficiency;
  • Multicultural Teaching Assistants to facilitate effective learning with NCS children’s linguistic and cultural background; and
  • teachers’ capacity building by School Development Officers, through collaborative lesson planning, lesson observation and post-lesson discussion.


Introducing the NGOs

The NGO co-creators of this project - Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Lady MacLehose Centre and Hong Kong Christian Service will establish a service framework with The University of Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to provide services for Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) kindergarten students and parents, nurture an ideal Chinese learning environment in the community them with cultural responsive elements, and achieve social integration ultimately.

Spectrum like cultural responsive services with cohesive elements of “Home, Community and School” is provided on both community and home levels.

Programme at Community Domain


  • "Community Exploratory Activities" to enrich children’s mental lexicons through life experience and practice their Chinese in real life context;
  • "Cross-cultural Learning Activities" to create opportunities for cultural exchange and mutual understanding among NCS and local children and parents;
  • "1 to 1 Mentorship Scheme" and "Individual Support to Primary 1 Transition" to cater for individual learning needs.


Programmes at Home Domain

  • "Parents-led home", 
  • "Parents Workshops", 
  • "Parent Chinese Learning Classes", 
  • "Parent Support Group" 
  • "Parents’ Volunteers". 

All of these programmes aim at motivating the NCS parents to recognize the importance of learning Chinese and fully utilize the project resources to equip them to teach their children to learn Chinese at home.

Parents-led Home Service

The Parents-led Home Services perceive cultural responsiveness as the basis of exploring precious familial resources and can apply them to children’s Chinese learning

Since it is not common to find books and papers in NCS home, Parents-led Home Service aims to incorporate various Chinese learning elements into their living environment.

To enhance mothers’ involvement in their children’s learning progress.

Parent Workshop

To provide NCS parents with crucial and useful information, namely introduction to the Hong Kong’s educational system, children’s development, the importance of parents’ role in children’s language development, practical skills to motivate children’s Chinese learning progress, parenting skills, etc.

In Parent Workshop, parents share their experience and knowledge, and learn how to guide their children in the Chinese learning progress together.

Parent Chinese Learning Class

To offer a differentiated Chinese learning course for our NCS parents who are interested in learning Chinese. The course covers knowledge which children learnt from school. It is believed that co-learnings beneficial to children’s learning. Parents can also learn a wide scope of essential Chinese phrases for the support of their daily living needs.

Parent Support Group

To facilitate the support and interaction between NCS and local parents, there aregathering and sharing of funds of knowledge.

Parent Volunteers

To identify parent volunteers who are well capable of supporting NCS children’s learning and also encourage the participation among parents.