Social Service Professionals


To enhance social service professionals’ self-efficacy and effectiveness in providing assessment, intervention, and consultation services for non-Chinese speaking children
Target participants Social services professionals (educational psychologists and social workers)
Mode of Learning Workshops (and consultation sessions)


School Leaders
Objective To provide school leaders with professional knowledge and practical skills of developing and implementing effective strategies on home-school-community
Target participants School leaders (principals, vice principals, head teachers, and key stage coordinators) of kindergartens with non-Chinese speakers
Mode of Learning Workshops


Objective To foster teachers to examine the difficulties of the non-Chinese speakers, as well as design and develop courses for in-service teachers with different levels of experience on how to teach Chinese to these non-Chinese speakers
Target participants In-service teachers
Mode of Learning Lectures, whole class/ small group discussions, seminars and talks, case studies, presentations, sharing and workshops


Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Supporting Learning and Teaching for Non-Chinese Speaking Children)
Objective To nurture teaching assistants to support preschool teachers, education and community service workers in helping non-Chinese speaking children build a solid base for learning
Target participants Secondary school leavers who meet the programme’s entrance requirements. Those who know an ethnic minority language will have an advantage.
Mode of Learning Lecture, class discussion, video demonstrations, case observation and analysis, experiential learning, problem-based learning, cooperative group work, out-of-class activities

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